Management Team

Louis Robert Spaeth (Robert)

Robert is the CEO of TradeAutoX™ and seasoned executive sales manager for the #1 GMC dealer in the Southeast. Since 2003, Robert worked with dealer leadership to improve sales processes and create opportunities to grow sales. In his capacity as General Sales Manager, Robert has been the #1 sales manager in the automotive group for 6 years, responsible for leading a team of 58 employees.

Over the past 15 years, Robert has dedicated time to understand the processes and operations of running a successful dealership. He quickly identified inefficiencies with wholesale loss within his automotive group and explored solutions to improve the process. As a result, TradeAutoX™ was formed to change the status quo in this business and provide unique solutions that add benefits on both sides of the transaction.

In his free time, Robert is a family man, loves spending time with his kids, and is an avid long-distance runner.

Michael D. Zimmerman

Michael Zimmerman, Cofounder of TradeAutoX™, has over 6 years of automotive experience working for two of the most recognizable General Motors dealership groups in the country. Working in one of the most competitive regions of the automotive industry, Atlanta, Michael has worked diligently to improve the processes, sales strategies, and customer experiences to the next level within a dealership.

As a top performer in the industry, Michael identified an opportunity to provide an exclusive online network where dealers and wholesalers can connect directly, ultimately decreasing the expenses and fees associated with each transaction and increasing access to used cars to replenish inventory levels.

When Michael is not at work, he enjoys spending time with his family, offshore fishing, golfing, and heading to beach.


TradeAutoX™ was founded to create efficiencies, cultivate an exclusive network, and improve the bottom line for all parties involved in buying and selling of used car inventory. TradeAutoX™ enables members to buy/sell fresh inventory, any time, on demand.




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